Problem is, I'm not into celebrities so idk xD But I guess I can just go with Robbie Jarvis. And I'll be using Sorry I'm late by the way, it's the rainy season in Malaysia and we didn't have internet for a couple of days but I promise I'll be more active :3 When do we start?

You can start whenever! and okay :3 

Hiya! I'd like to be James Potter but have never done role play - at least not on tumblr. How does it work?

Hey, sorry we already have a James Potter, but you’re welcome to choose another character/make one up (:

EDIT: oh wait, IS he taken? /le confused

Basically how a Tumblr RP works is, you make an account as your character, and you communicate with other characters and write threads/stories and what not. 

You would post threads like.. for example james would post.

"James went and sat under the tree to study for his NEWTS, he was quite lonely and missed Lily dearly"

and then say the person RPing as lily would reblog that post and add something like..

"Lily saw james sitting there looking miserable - like most students taking NEWT subjects and went over to accompany him. "hey hey james" She said teasingly."

so your like communicating with them and writing stories at the Same time?

sorry, i’m horrible at explaining things, but do you sort of get what i mean? feel free to ask more questions if i confused you :P

Is this okay for a face claim? I'll be using the tumblr name misterprongs btw. I'll try and hunt down some people to fill in for the other characters :3

Thats a cool pic hehe.

umm i don’t know if Hailey wants people to have celebs/people as FC’s instead of cartoons ..

but i say it’s ok. i’ll just double check (:

- Zinnia/Andy.

Thank you, I'd love to join <3 Btw, is a face claim compulsory? I'm not really used to one <s>and all my favourite pics of him involve him eating Severus' face</s>. If it is though I'll link you one later.

Character’s Name: James Potter
House: Gryffindor
Year: Seventh
Face Claim:

I’d like a face claim if it would be possible, thanks for joining though :3 

Character’s Name: Remus John Lupin
House: Gryffindor
Year: Seventh
Face Claim: Andrew Garfield

Accepted :D

I'd be interested in being Narcissa again? If thats okay? could you reserve her for me please then let me know whats happening? Thats if no one else has asked about her c:

Ohhaaaaiii Chloe.
yep i’ll reserve her for yah.